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Her Story

Life has not been easy for me. Facing many hardships in a single-parent household, we constantly lacked resources and often moved from house to house and state to state. In my life, I have attended five different high schools and have been displaced, homeless, and lived in shelters. Mentally it has taken a lot of focus to make the honor roll several times, remain out of trouble, and be a proud big sister. Graduating high school is currently my most significant accomplishment, but going to college and finishing is a goal I want to achieve since my parents never finished college. I dream of being happy in my career and financially stable so that if I do have kids, they won't feel the worry and stress I have in my childhood. 


My three-year plan is to attend college, begin interning in my career field, and have my car and apartment. Receiving scholarship money would mean less worry and stress for my mother and me to pay for college. Thinking about the expenses puts stress on my shoulders, and having financial support would allow me to be in a better space mentally.

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